What is
Gaynor McCown
Hack Club?

Student-Founded in November of 2020,
Gaynor McCown Hack Club is the first-ever
computer science club in Gaynor McCown E.L.S.

Gaynor McCown Hack Club provides all Gaynor McCown students with access to developer perks, fun activities, life-time experiences and events, and
vital skills of Computer Science, which can complement ANY career.

An Official Hack Club

Officially registered with & supported by Hack Foundation. 
Members can enjoy perks including Hack Club's famous stickers,
access to dozens of fun and challenging programming activities, and premium tools
and services at no cost. 

Student-Founded, Student-Led

Gaynor McCown Hack Club was founded by Ali A. Saleh, a sophomore, in
November 2020.
As an official Hack Club, Gaynor McCown Hack Club is completely student-led. 
*With the continued support of sponsor teachers, since day 1.
(Thank You, Ms. Gibbons!) 🙂

What Else is Gaynor McCown Hack Club?

& Prizes.

Fun Activities
& Perks!

Vital skills that complement any career.

High club upgradability and potentials.

Frequently Asked.

Meeting Time?

Gaynor McCown Hack Club meets on Fridays during 4th Period in Room 301 (3rd Floor Computer Lab).

Must I be Technical?

No previous programming knowledge is required to participate!

Whether you're an expert or a first-time explorer of Hacking, you'll still be able to have further advance your Computer Science skills, solve challenges, and most importantly, have fun!  

Can I Join?

If you are a current student attending Gaynor McCown E.L.S., you may join as a Gaynor McCown Hack Club member.

Please be committed when joining, and try your best to join us when you can.

Active club members have greater advantages and perks than less-active members. 


Yes! Depending on the hackathon, members of Gaynor McCown Hack Club will be given opportunities to participate in various hackathons; either individually or in group(s).*

Active club members will have greater advantages than less-active members when being selected to participate.

*Since some hackathons may have a limited number of seats/teams per school**, if necessary, members may need to compete against one another in an internal hackathon stage (within our Hack Club), before winners are chosen to proceed to the official event.

**The NYC DOE CS4ALL hackathon is an example.

Ali A. Saleh
Student-Founder of Gaynor McCown Hack Club

Hello, my name is Ali. 

I'm a student of Gaynor McCown E.L.S. (Class of 2023).

I am happy to have left my mark through the pioneering of the first computer science club in my school.

As a sophomore, I've founded Gaynor McCown Hack Club with the support of my sponsor (and geometry) teacher, Ms. Gibbons.

When we started this club, my sponsor teacher & I had a goal of providing my peers with access to vital skills of computer science (only a few students were able to take a CS class), as well as "behind the scenes" mathematical concepts and functions.

All in all, my sponsor teacher & I wanted to provide puzzling, and fun, memorable after-school experiences.

I hope my Hack Club further develops and continues to serve many future students of Gaynor McCown, even after I take the next step after High School.


Gaynor McCown Hack Club's promotional stickers
are printed with the highest of quality, by StickerMule.

Active members earn premium iconic Hack Club collectable stickers!